Many businesses today do not understand the importance of reviews. At, we will work with your business to handle all reviews effectively–not by simply thanking a customer for a good review, but responding to a customer on a bad review. The faster you can respond to a negative review, the more likely you are to keep that client as a customer. When that person has a bad experience and you correct it, they will most likely tell other potential customers how your business handled it. That, in turn, will gain more customers for you. We work with a software program that handles reviews for your business; this program will alert you when you have a good review or a bad review, and that allows you to respond with the appropriate action immediately.

Reviews can literally make or break your business, accounting for nearly 70% of all consumer trust values. Working with will ensure that you are aware of what people are saying about your business and that you are handling it effectively. 

Our system will:

  1. E-mail customers asking for a review.
  2. Provide an easy way for happy customers to add their review to popular review sites, like Facebook and Google.
  3. Help prevent angry customers from going on popular sites and posting negative reviews.
  4. Allow the manager to respond personally to positive and negative reviews, offering gratitude or a solution.
  5. And so much more.

- 88% of consumers said they trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations in 2014. *, 2014 

- Positive reviews translate directly into positive business results: 57% of consumers will visit a local business website after reading a positive review, and 72% of consumers will take some sort of action after reading a positive review. *, 2014 

- Positive reviews directly impact the bottom line: A one-star improvement in Yelp ratings for a local business equated to a 5-9% increase in revenue in Professor Michael Luca’s Harvard Business School Study--and that was in 2011! *Harvard Business School, Oct. 2011